• “Good laws are a vital development driver for Africa. They build business confidence, strengthen democracy and provide long term stability for a country. The Africa Justice Foundation is at the forefront of work in this critical area and is supporting a growing list of countries including Ethiopia, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Rwanda”

    Cherie Blair

    7th October 2012

Justice. Stability. Prosperity.


  • Image depicting the Africa Justice Foundations Mission

    The Africa Justice Foundation Mission Statement

    The Africa Justice Foundation’s (AJF) mission is to build legal capacity in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors through education and professional skills training implemented via partnerships with governments, academic institutions, Bar associations, and legal bodies in sub-Saharan Africa.

    We aim to contribute to the development of robust, stable and predictable legal systems that meet the needs of both the citizens of those countries and the regional and globally competitive environments of which they are a part.




Vacancy for Executive Director at the Africa Justice Foundation

  • We are now seeking a high calibre Executive Director, working part-time and based in AJF’s office in London, to lead AJF’s operations, its charitable activities and to support the development of the charity.

    For more information and how to apply please follow this link to the Africa Justice Foundation Careers area.

Please sign our open letter to the President of the UN General Assembly

  • On 9th-10th June, the President of the United Nations General Assembly will convene a high‐level event to consider the contributions of the Rule of Law in the post‐2015 development agenda. AJF has partnered with Advocates for International Development (A4ID) in an open letter emphasising the importance of the Rule of Law and calling for its inclusion in the Post-2015 Development Agenda (also available here in French).

    You can support this initiative by signing the letter here and encouraging others to do so using the hashtag #RoL2015.


Lettre ouverte au Président de l’Assemblée générale de l’ONU

  • Soutenez notre appel au Président de l’Assemblée générale des Nations Unis ici.

    Nous, soussignés, affirmons par la présente la place vitale qu’occupe l’Etat de Droit dans le programme de développement pour l’après-2015 des Nations Unies (ONU).  Nous appelons les Etats membres de l’ONU à s’assurer que l’Etat de Droit sera inclus dans le programme de développement pour l’après-2015. Tout comme de nombreux illustres économistes, avocats et professionnels du développement, nous déplorons que les Objectifs du Millénaire pour le Développement (OMD) n’intègrent pas l’Etat de Droit. Il existe, selon nous, trois raisons de mettre en avant l’Etat de Droit : il renforce la paix et la sécurité, assure une société juste et facilite le développement économique.